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Financial Industry Keynote Speaker, Video, Dr. Teplitz, CSP

Financial Industry Speaker - Dr. Jerry Teplitz, CSP

“Jerry shares information everyone needs to know and use to be a high performer."
Bob Younglove, Performance Coach
Path Associates, Towson, MD

The Economy is Changing
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Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz' offers programs and seminars for the financial services industry to meet the needs of your organization, and only those which bring immediate applications on the job. 

Dr. Teplitz is an expert in providing programs that offer fresh insight and ideas in a way that will completely capture your audience’s attention.

Jerry tailors each seminar to meet the needs of your organization.  Jerry has created programs that are specially tailored to employees, managers, leaders and a series
of seminars for customer appreciation programs for your clients. 

Additionally, many of the programs are available in Keynote Presentation format.  Please click on Category for details:

Employee Seminars - Financial Industry, Dr. Teplitz, CSP Leadership-Management, Financial Industry Keynotes - Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz, CSP Customer Appreciation Event, Financial Industry - Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz, CSP
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