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The Economy is Changing - Rise to Meet the Challenge!

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Meeting the Challenge for

The Financial Industry

American Bankers Association

Conference of State Bank Supervisors

Credit Union Executives Society


Financial Management Institute

Maryland Bankers Association

National Assn of Banking  Women

The Emmerich Group

The Farmer's Bank, Indiana

Treasurers’ Association of Virginia

Virginia Bankers Association

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"Would not have believed it if I hadn’t experienced this myself."

-Hudson Wade,
FVP, First American Bank

Watkinsville, GA

Fantastic – Borders on genius.”

-Chris Clark,
Columbia National Mortgage

The Economy is Changing
 Now You Can Meet the Challenge!

If you demand a truly unique, uplifting, program experience which is presented by an award winning author, speaker, Ph.D., attorney, and Certified Speaking Professional ;

If you want programs that are top notch, educational, entertaining, that hold participants' interest, and are among the highest rated in the undustry;

If you are looking for someone who teaches techniques that
can be applied immediately, gets the audience involved, promotes positive thinking customized to the financial industry; and produces immediate changes;

If you prefer someone whose presentations have long-term
, receive outstanding audience ratings, and have a
direct bottom line impact, you need
  Brain Performance
                                                              Optimization Expert,
                                                              Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz.

                                                         NSA Certified Speaking Professional Designation - Jerry Teplitz

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Find out why
the Financial Industry
Dr. Teplitz


“This is the most amazing thing I have ever observed.”
Cherie Shipp, Ft. Worth, TX;  Controller

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Highest Rated Speaker - Credit Union Exec Society Applauds Dr.Teplitz
Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz, JD, Ph.D.,
 Certified Speaking Professional

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