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“The most unique presentation I’ve attended.”
Ashley Walker, AVP
North Atlanta Nat’l Bank

“Amazing examples – very informational!”
Andrea Payne, Banking Officer
Bank of Dudley, Dublin, GA

“A must for any business person.”
Robert Johnson Jr., Examiner
FDIC, Albany, GA

"Increasing Your Professional Power" made a big impression on all who came, and made everyone who heard about
it later wish they had been there."

Bill Williams
Training Coordinator
Calvert Group, MD


The Economy is Changing
 Now You Can Meet the Challenge!

Jerry tailors each seminar to meet your organization’s needs.  Additionally, many of these programs are available in Keynote Presentation format. 

Increasing Your Professional Power
to New Levels of Excellence

Have your employees ever had a negative day at
work? How did they feel at the end of it? Tired,
drained... Have your employees ever had a positive
day at work? How did they feel at the end of it?
Energized. What if they could create every day to
be a great day! What would that do to their

This program will show participants how
to make every day that way through actual tools
and techniques
that will increase their energy level
for greater success in their positions.

Managing Your Stress in Difficult Times

"Managing Your Stress" is a presentation that
addresses the specific stresses experienced as a
result of both expected and unexpected changes in

Participants will learn techniques that will enable
them to cope with their stress more productively
and effectively.

Switched-On Selling

This program is a powerful NEW approach for
creating a successful selling strategy through
direct brain re-education. This program assumes
that participants already have some sales experience,
understand the sales process, and would
like to achieve greater success.

It enables salespeople with some experience to "switch-on" their central nervous system for each step
in the selling process ... resulting in greater sales effectiveness.

Switched-On Selling has been a popular and successful seminar for many years, and the results
have been well documented.  If you are into results,
you can start with reading an Executive Summary,
which can link you to a full blown statistical analysis
of participant data and successes.



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Financial Speaker Teplitz - Newsletter

"Your presentation titled "Increasing Your Professional Power to New Levels of Excellence" was a perfect opening session for our conference, since it energized and engaged the entire group. 

Auditors are skeptical by nature, so your demonstrations really helped to prove the methods and techniques that were taught in the session."

Deborah Rice 
2008 CUVA Conference Committee Co-Chair; College and University Auditors
of Virginia

“The class provides an
alternative way to view  how we can control our environment.”

Caroline Lenac Lord, Director of Training
Securipipe, Inc.,
Tucker, GA


" WOW!  The Switched- On Selling Seminar was outstanding & judging from staff evaluation forms, they all thought so as well. 

The best part about the training is that results were instantaneous.

SOS is an entirely new approach to sales training and one our group enjoyed and embraced. Thanks! "

Jack Shuler
Pee Dee Farm Credit




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