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Consistent Ratings!
Financial Industry Rates Dr. Jerry Teplitz, CSP

Amazing Feedback:
Financial Industry on Dr. Teplitz, CSP - Testimonials

"I want to take a moment and share with you what a positive reaction we had to your presentation to our employees.  The feedback was wonderful:  96 percent of those attending said they would like to hear you speak again!

You are a master at keeping people's attention, making people comfortable, and presenting new material in a believable way.  Thank you for making our event a success!"

  Steve Anderson 
President/Chief Executive Officer 
River Valley State Bank

"Before you even got out the door yesterday, I had numerous requests
 to invite you back

I will talk to you soon about future programs."
    Bill Williams
    Training Coordinator
    Calvert Group, MD



We have had Dr. Teplitz present at four of our seminars in the past two years that include senior and mid level managers in state and federal bank regulatory agencies. I see many of the participants at subsequent programs.

Months and years after seeing Dr. Teplitz, they tell me they are still using some of these techniques.

If you need a sure hit program that delivers immediate and long lasting value, this is it.
Roger Stromberg
   Senior Vice President-Education 
   Conference of State Bank Supervisors


Why the Industry Selects Jerry

Having spoken to over a million people, Dr. Teplitz has quite an impressive track record - the positive feedback would fill volumes!  We've even had to create statistical charts summarizing the data to make it easier to review.

An important difference with Jerry's programs, are
the long-term results (note: Measurements-Figure 1).  Whatever the topic, specific tools and techniques are provided - tailored to results
for targeted change.  While testimonials validate changes with
every program, Dr. Teplitz has measurements on several
programs that assure success for your organization.

Several of his programs have been consistently measuredQuestions relevant to the desired changes are tablulated in three ways: 1. Pre-Seminar, 2. Post-Seminar, and 3. Months Later

Measurements Figure 1 -
Results: Real Value-Real Change

*Effectiveness of Techniques & Tools - Questionaires

Real Value Results - Dr. Teplitz Financial Industry Speaker
Pre-Seminar, Responses were 40.6% on the Disagreeing side of the graph.  Immediately after the Seminar, only 6.3% remained on the Disagreeing side, with a huge jump to 93.7% to the Agreeing side.

The TRUE Bottom Line: 
1 Month Later, Responses increased again -
 to 95.1%
on the Agreeing side of the graph! 
Using Dr. Teplitz' techniques & tools learned at the Seminar - productivity and success rates increase down
the road!

*These are Actual Measurement Results from a Switched-On Selling Seminar - for Full Report, Questions & Data, CLICK HERE

From Industry Leaders and Participants to Meeting Pros,
Jerry receives consistent high praise and superior feedback ratings. Participants frequently request his return before he has even left the meeting!  In fact, his programs are often referred to by participants as the best value of the conference. 

On this page you will find your peers and leaders.  Review
their reactions to let you know what you can expect.  Dr. Teplitz
understands your requirements and presents tangible ideas that
are put to use immediately, with proven long-lasting, growing value.

Often Jerry is selected as more than just a keynote or educational speaker, rather, clients seek Jerry's experience and consultation as a resource long after the initial presentation is over!

Financial Industry Discusses Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz, CSP - Testimonials, Comments and Feedback

NSA Certified Speaking Professional Designation - Dr. Jerry Teplitz, CSP

Jerry has earned the  CSP designation, and brings a proven track record of experience and expertise to your meeting.

CSP - Find Out More...


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"I have heard nothing but excellent comments from our community banking family regarding your presentations.  Many of them made a point to thank me for having you. 

Especially our golfers - many said they felt having your "Par and Beyond: Secrets to Better Golf and Better Business" before our annual tournament really helped their game."
Wendy J. Ruud
Vice President
Independent Community Banks of North Dakota

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