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Financial Industry Keynote Speaker, Video, Dr. Teplitz, CSP

Financial Industry Speaker - Dr. Jerry Teplitz, CSP

"Increasing productivity and promoting team-building
were at the forefront of our strategic planning session. 

By helping us to learn more about ourselves, Jerry, you have helped to open our
minds to new ways of
working in teams and
through this knowledge
we, as individuals, can promote maximum enhancements for the organization! 

We have found your assessment results to be
quite accurate."

Curt Hecker, CEO
Panhandle State Bank

The Economy is Changing
 Now You Can Meet the Challenge!

Jerry tailors each seminar to meet the needs of
your organization. 
Additionally, many of these
programs are available in Keynote Presentation format.
Please click on Titles for an overview of Dr. Teplitz' Management and Leadership presentations.

Managing Management Stress
How to Persuade Effectively
Your Leadership Success Formula
Hiring, Placing & Motivating Excellent People
Creating New Dimensions of Leadership
Increasing Your Leadership Power to New Levels of Excellence
Speeding To Effective Time Mastery; Working Smarter, Not Harder
Working Together: Effective Ways to Build Successful Teams 

Credit Union Exec Society - Applauds Dr.Teplitz, CSP, Financial Speaker


 Financial Industry Keynotes by Dr. Jerry Teplitz, CSPEmployee Seminars - Financial Industry - by Dr. Teplitz, CSP Customer Appreciation Events - Financial Industry, by Dr. Teplitz, CSP

"Your Management Success Formula" - Part 1" and "Increase Your Management Power to New Levels of Excellence: - Part 2" truly hit the mark.  The evaluations and verbal feedback to us from the attendees were excellent. 

The information you shared with us, and the techniques you taught, are certainly the "buzz" of those that attended.  Many of my colleagues would benefit greatly from your programs, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to them."

Edward M. "Mickey" Duke, President-Elect 2004-2005
Nevada Chapter Program Chairman
HFMA Nevada Chapter

"All of the Directors that I have talked to after the presentation felt it was well worth their time and a very enjoyable morning."

Philip R. Baldwin,
FMS Director's Council
Financial Management Service


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