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Best Customer Appreciation Seminars, Financial Industry Speaker - Dr. Jerry Teplitz, CSP

"We had over 211+ customers attend the seminar; 99% of those responding stated they wanted to hear you again.  Obviously with these results, the information you provided was of great value to our customer.

This is exactly the big picture outcome we had hoped for.  The audience was totally captivated by the material you presented.

We definetely made some customers for life!"

John J. Blake, III
President and CEO
People's State Bank


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"Your presentation at the CEO Club was a ten. Everyone I
talked with was excited."

Hank S. James, Coordinator,
Chief Executive Officer's Club

"Our employees and customers were "wowed" by your presentation."
Karen Miller
President and CEO
The Farmer's Bank

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Financial Meeting Expert - Sandra LeeAre you looking for a Speaker you can depend on to deliver a quality experience
for your customers
?  Call Sandra Lee today to discuss your organization's requirements!

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Specially Designed Customer Appreciation Seminars that work!  

Your customers are key to your bank's success. 
Dr. Teplitz has a number of programs specifically designed to have enormous impact on attendees -
ones that will allow your bank to hit a home run with
your customers!

To fully grasp the tremendous value of Jerry's customer appreciation programs, it is recommended that you take a look at some of the tablulations and feedback in our Customer Appreciation Packet

Included in this packet:

  • Program Suggestions

  • Letters from Satisfied Clients

  • Comments from Attendees

  • Ratings and Tabulations

  • Sample Invitation

  • Newspaper Article published after a Seminar
    ...and more...

Financial Industry - Customer Appreciation Package, Dr. Teplitz, CSP
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Below are program suggestions based on popularity and feedback from customers:

Would you like to learn a powerful approach for creating a more successful golf strategy that will also apply to your business? This seminar will provide the answers. It goes beyond golf mechanics and business techniques and looks at the energetics for becoming more successful in golf and business.

The lessons, the specific tools and techniques taught in this seminar will allow your customers to immediately improve their golf game. These principles will also show how to switch on the body's energy for greater business effectiveness.  This Seminar takes place on a golf-course!  Tee-Time!


Have your customers ever had a negative day at home or at work? How did they feel at the end of it? Tired, drained... Now, have your customers ever had a positive day at home or at work? How did they feel at the end of it? Energized.

What if they could create every day to be a great day for themselves? What would that do to their abilites to be more successful at work and at home? Dr. Teplitz will show your customers how to make every day that way through actual tools and techniques that will increase their energy level resulting in more productivity and creativity. These immediate effective and easy methods can be applied to all aspects of their personal and professional life.


Would you like to be even more successful and effective in your communication?  This program allows you to achieve that goal.  You'll take a close look at your own communication behavior style while you are also learning how to better understand and relate to the people around you.  This will result in better interpersonal relationships back on the job.

this presentation addresses the specific stresses experienced as a result of both expected and unexpected changes in life. Participants will learn techniques that will enable them to cope with their stress more productively and effectively.

What would it be like to live a longer life and stay healthy so you can continue to enjoy it? This program will explore the Eight Pillars of Longevity and how you can tap into your personal fountain of youth. Living to 120 or more in a healthy, robust way is possible right now!

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Banks receive Powerful Customer Feedback!

“If I did not know the people here, I would not have believed it.”
Mike Hensley,
Chief Deputy
Clinton Co Sheriff,
Frankfort, IN

“It was remarkable – the light subject was especially important.”
Morrill Morrison, Attorney Morrison & Morrison, Frankfort, IN

“It was fun, educational and exciting. I found I was using several of the “reminders” without knowing it.”
Mary Beth Tarver

“Very powerful presentation of remarkable information.”
Linda Dianne, President Greystone Partners, Natchitoches, LA

“I can’t believe the quick changes in the brain Jerry can do.” Curt Green, Partner GHH Real Estate Services, Texarkana, AR

“Awesome, a must see program!”
Susan Begnauds, Agent Sutton Real Estate Co. Natchitoches, LA

“I wish I had seen this program years ago!” Barbara Davies

“Simple tools for amazing life changes!
Loretta Minnich Perfect Touch Massage Therapy, Michigantown, IN

“Mind blowing.”
Tiffany Roberts

“Invigorating, life changing.”
Mike Morris, Owner Morris Furniture,
Many, LA

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