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Financial Industry Keynote Speaker, Video, Dr. Teplitz, CSP

Montana Independent Bankers

Florida Bankers Association

Massachusetts Bankers Association

Heartland Community Bank

Peoples State Bank

Louisiana Bankers Association

We have had Dr. Teplitz present at four of our seminars in the past two years that include senior and mid level managers in state and federal bank regulatory agencies. I see many of the participants at subsequent programs.

Months and years after seeing Dr. Teplitz, they tell me they are still using some of these techniques.

If you need a sure hit program that delivers immediate and long lasting value, this is it.
Roger Stromberg
Senior Vice President-Education 
Conference of State Bank Supervisors

Several participants indicated your session was the most valuable part of our conference and would like to have you back!
Mike Whitmer
Education Manager
Iowa Bankers Assoc.

"Increasing your Leadership Power
to New Levels of Excellence"

Have your leaders and managers ever had a negative day at work? How did they feel at the end of it?  Tired,
drained... Have thy ever had a positive day at work?
How did they feel at the end of it? Energized. What if
they could create every day to be a great day! What would that do to their abilities?

This session gives participants actual tools for achieving unlimited leadership growth by unleashing the power of your mind.

The program also helps increase creativity and productivity and gives participants techniques with practical take-home value for reaching leadership goals and objectives.

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Managing the Stress of Change
How to Persuade Effectively
Your Management Success Formula
Hiring, Placing & Motivating Excellent People
Creating New Dimensions of Leadership
Speeding To Effective Time Mastery; Working Smarter, Not Harder
Working Together: Effective Ways to Build Successful Teams 

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