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"The feedback has been excellent and given everybody a new perspective to consider."      D.W. Johnstone,
Johnstone Douglas Limited
Managing Director

" WOW!  The Switched-On Selling Seminar was outstanding and judging from our staff evaluation forms, they all thought so as well. 

The best part about the training is that results are instantaneous. 
 Thanks! "
Jack Shuler
Pee Dee Farm Credit

"Your Management Success Formula" - Part 1" and "Increase Your Management Power to New Levels of Excellence: - Part 2" truly hit the mark. 

Many of my colleagues would benefit greatly from your programs, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to them."  
Edward M. "Mickey" Duke
Nevada Chapter Program Chairman
HFMA Nevada Chapter

You are a master at keeping people's attention, making people comfortable, and presenting new material in a believable way. 
Thank you for making our event
a success!"
Steve Anderson 
River Valley State Bank
President/Chief Executive Officer 

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NEW:  Amazing feedback from Dr. Teplitz' Clients.

FROM: Iowa Bankers Association
418 Sixth Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 5030?
(515) 286-4300
(515) 280-4140 Fax

Dear Dr. Teplitz:

Thank you for your presentations at the Iowa Bankers Association's annual Retail Banking Conference. The approach you provided was a unique and inspirational program.

I wanted to share some of the comments from participants at the conference.

  • *"Dr. Teplitz was incredible!"

  • *"Dr. Teplitz gave us practical self help tools; he was very good with stress relief ideas."

  • *"Jerry Teplitz was amazing. I had no idea the power I have within that I can use in achieving my goals."

Additionally, several participants indicated your session was the most valuable part of our conference and would like to have you back!

You really made a positive impact on our attendees and contributed to the overall success of the program. Thank you, again!

Mike Whitmer
Education Manager

FROM: Virginia Bankers Association
P.O. Box 462
Richmond, Virginia 23218-0462
Tel (804) 643-7469
Fax (804) 643-6308

 Dear Dr. Teplitz:

You were wonderful!  Your presentation really gave the attendees some tangible ideas that could be taken back to their banks and put to use.

During the remainder of the conference, I saw so many people attempting to utilize your meridian line techniques. They were even doing them during the golf tournament on Saturday afternoon.

Your delivery method was superb. A speaker that has the power to make people think about and discuss his program long after the presentation is over is phenomenal. When I reviewed the evaluations after the conference, I even had people who said they could have listened to you for longer than two hours. Several attendees asked me for information on contacting you about speaking at their banks.

The Young Bankers Section appreciates your involvement in our conference, and we hope to ask you to join us again in the future. I will be sure to recommend you to my counterparts across the country.

I truly appreciate all the time you went through to make it to our conference.  That is truly what I call "going the extra mile!"

Once again, thank you.

Glenda C. Cochran, CPS
Director, Young Bankers Section

FROM: Calvert Group
4550 Montgomery Avenue, Suite 1000N
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
(301) 951-4800

Dear Jerry,

Before you even got out the door yesterday, I had numerous requests to invite you back.

"Increasing Your Professional Power" made a big impression on all who came, and made everyone who heard about it later wished they had been there.

I will talk to you again soon about possible future programs. Thanks again for an enlightening and entertaining morning.

Bill Williams
Training Coordinator
Human Resources


Financial Speaker Teplitz - Newsletter

“This is the most amazing thing I have ever observed.”
Cherie Shipp, Ft. Worth, TX;  Controller

“I can’t wait to have more energy at the end of the work day to enjoy my family.”   Lamar Lee,
First National Bank, Barnesville, GA

“Awesome and professional presentation."
Sue Aiken,
Career Counselor

"The majority of our students at the 2009 Florida School of Banking certainly enjoyed and benefited from your presentation. They were entertained as well as having received information that may be useful to them as it was to many of our students this month. 

Thanks for your help in making my school a success this year."
Peter J. Brokaw
Senior Vice President of Education 
Florida Bankers Association






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